Thursday, March 3, 2011

French Pavise-armed Spearmen

Here are some pictures of the Perry Miniatures' 28mm Pavisier Infantry that I've been painting. The sculpting of the figures is very nice, but the excellent LBMS shield transfers are what make these units really look great. I plan to finish 4 of these units. They will each have 4 4-figure bases for a total of 16 figures per unit. I can also mix the stands in among my crossbow units to represent pavise-equipped crossbow units.
(BELOW) Troops from Limoge.
(BELOW) Troops from Pontoise.
(BELOW) Troops from Alencon. These guys could also double as non-French heavy infantry.


  1. Love those shield designs! the figures just POP with coolness!

  2. Those are wonderful! Metal or plastic?

  3. Metal. I like the plastics, but I have to admit, metal figures have a little more appeal to me. Something about the weight and heft of the minis. And no assembly!