Sunday, November 6, 2011

1st SS Recon Battalion at Kursk

 I've been steadily working at painting up all of the 10mm Pithead miniatures I need to field the 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Division for our Kursk "Drive to Prokhorovka" campaign.  Here are some photos of the 1st SS Recon Battalion or Aufklarungsabteilung.  Two armored car companies and a halftrack-mounted infantry company.  They are backed up by two Stug companies from the division's assault gun battalion.

All I have left to do for the Germans are 4 Pz IV's, 2 Stugs and the 6 Marder III's from the AT Battalion.  They are in the mail right now!  Then maybe a few halftracks and trucks to represent the grenadiers when they're mounted and travelling in style.
I hand-painted the German crosses on the armored cars, but I have 10mm decals that I plan to use on the Stugs.  I'm just waiting for my decal solvent to arrive in the mail before I apply them.  I'm also waiting form some brown, dirt-colored Vallejo pigment to arrive to weather the tanks a bit.

I also replaced the antennas with smaller thinner brush wire which I think really looks great for radio antennas. 

In a week or so, I'll probably be able to post a picture of the entire division.   I've also finished my first version of the OOB for the campaign which I'll post in a few days.