Monday, June 14, 2010

Hundred Years War Project started

Now that I'm wrapping up my American Civil War collection, I began to look at other historical periods to find a new project to expand into. After painting 1,000 ACW 28mm infantry, I officially declared the collection complete. Only a few generals and artillery pieces left to paint.

Well, as with most gaming projects, all this usually takes is I read a few books and then catch the fever for a new period. In this case, I also had some more noble motives for picking the Hundred Years War. Every year, I convince my friend Greg to buy some painted army while we're at Historicon. Last year, he bought a painted Hundred Years War 28mm force from a vendor. The year before, he bought a painted 28mm French Foreign Legion force. He has not been able to game with either of these armies since he purchased them. I'm also tired of painting both sides for a wargame. For the ACW project, I had to paint both Confederates and Union. That made it take much longer to complete. If I choose the Hundred Years War, Greg already has a ready-painted force to use with my army.

Finally, as a member of the Old Glory Army, I get great discounts from Old Glory for 28mm Crusader and Old Glory HYW miniatures. After hearing excellent reviews of the OG figures for this particular line, and drooling over the HYW eye candy made by the Perry Brothers, I announced my decision.


It's famous. Critical for any game you plan on running at a convention. I have the excellent book, "Agincourt" as a resource and it pits the French against the English. As an American of French descent, I always find myself rooting for the men-at-arms to get to those sneaky longbowmen.

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