Monday, June 14, 2010

First Longbowmen Painted

One bag of Old Glory longbowmen has been painted and based. I confess, I am a gloss coat addict and I insist that my painted figures must be gloss-coated to give them the toy soldier look. When other gamers comment on their shiny paint jobs, I usually mutter something about "extra protection for the paint."

The unit is based on 20mm square bases. I gave them a variety of colors, but kept a brown leather look consistent throughout this bag. A good brown ink wash really brought out the details.

The rear of the unit. My painting style is designed to provide a good wargaming standard that looks great from 12 inches away. It is not designed to look great if you hold the figure 2 inches from your face. I don't paint eyes. Instead, I let the ink wash create dark recesses where the eyes are. I also prefer a dirty, campaign look to a parade dress, "straight out of the laundry" painting job. Remember, if this is Agincourt, it poured rain all night before the battle and both armies slept on the battlefield.

A close up of some of the poses. I particularly like the leftmost pose. It's a longbowmen with a hammer advancing to take out a poor French man at arms who is mired in the mud. Get that ransom!!

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