Monday, July 25, 2011

HYW Perry Command 3

This post is for Greg to prove to him that I'm still painting for our medieval project. Here are some pictures of some of the newest 28mm Perry Miniatures Hundred Years War command stands I've been painting for my Piquet: Band of Brothers games.

In Band of Brothers, the sub-commanders and commanders fight in the ranks, like real men. We're trying out a new house rule that reflects the household troops that would fight alongside these high-ranking nobles. The command stands actually form up with the unit they are attached to and count as an extra stand for stand difference modifiers. A four stand unit with a commander attached to it would count as a five stand unit.

We'll see how that works. It might be too much of an advantage, but it doesn't hurt to try it out.

I took a command figure from the Perry personality set and matched them up with two miniatures from the Perry men-at-arms and command packs. The flags are from Maverick Models. The owner was nice enough to design a flag for Thomas Erpingham for me. He also can size the flags to suit your needs. Great service.

I'm still using the idea I stole from James Roach for removable flags. Each flag is wrapped around a small tube so I can remove them for travel and when the commanders need to represent different armies and nobles.

The command figures are:

Sir Thomas Erpingham who marshalled Henry V's archers at Agincourt:

The Count d'Eu, captured at Agincourt. But he looks pretty! The Perry's did a great job of sculpting his heraldry:

Anthony, the Duke of Brabant, who arrived late to the battle of Agincourt, rushed into combat at Agincourt. In his hurry, he wore improvised armor and a surcoat made of a trumpeter's flag. He was captured and executed when Henry V gave the order to kill the English captives. He most likely died because no one recognized his value as a hostage without his heraldry. In my games, he fights dressed to the nines:

Coming soon: Late 15th Century Swiss pikemen and handgunners!


  1. Great paint job!

    Been using the removable flag trick for many years on many projects. Works great.


  2. Great looking figures. I really like the Perry Metals, although my periods are SYW and Napoleonics.

    Greg C.

  3. GReat job, but why it has to be Agincourt? Snif... Another Famous French defeat...

  4. Excellent Painting. Very tasty figures.

  5. They look great. What base sizes are you using?

  6. 40mm square, but recently my wargaming opponent has insisted we switch to circle bases for command stands. We'll see.