Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perry late 15th Century Swiss

I purchased the Perry Miniatures plastic mercenaries box, but I waited a few weeks for the metal Swiss heads set to come out. The Swiss heads give some variations (feather, caps, bonnets) that are suitable for representing the Swiss pike troops and missile troops who battled against Charles the Bold and the Holy Roman Emperor in the late 15th century. They painted up nicely and the plastic pikes are surprisingly flexible and durable.


  1. Although I don't "do" plastics myself, I think the versatility of this Perry set is great! Now you just need to add more from other Cantons (different cantonal colors), plus the great cantonal flags, and some halberdiers, and...

  2. Right. If some ruleset designer hadn't made pike blocks 9-12 stands, I'd be in good shape!