Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Color Piquet Cards

I recently made a set of Piquet sequence cards, but I wanted to develop a more visually appealing version of the cards. I designed the cards to look like Magic cards with artwork on the upper half of the card that reflects the action allowed by the card. I pulled most of the art from old paintings I found on the internet.

The lower half lists the title of the card and I figured out how to place smaller text below the titles to explain how the cards work. This way the players don't have to always refer back to the rulebook to see what they can do on each card. They can just read the card.

(ABOVE) This is the full set of cards. This deck gives you enough options to form a deck for any Hundred Years War army from Band of Brothers.

(ABOVE) The murder of Louis d'Orleans by the Burgundians and a painting of a river crossing.

(ABOVE) The "Sleeping Knight" painting. Perfect for the wasted impetus that comes with Milling Around.

(ABOVE) Knights puzzling their way through the woods.

(ABOVE) You better pray when you pull this card.

(ABOVE) I love this painting. The levies in the painting look nervous.

(ABOVE) Joan of Arc, of course.

(ABOVE) Another appropriate painting.

(ABOVE) Henry V

(ABOVE) I kept the backs the same because I like the neutrality of the black and white.