Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Perry HYW English Command Stands

This a continuation of my new Piquet basing scheme. For a long time, I've been basing my miniatures on individual magnetic bases to use with WAB and then sticking them onto metal bases for Piquet. I've now converted to a new 40mm square basing that puts 4 knights on a base. This should make it easier to play with, store, and handle the miniatures.

In accordance with this new basing scheme, I had to make a decision on how I wanted to base my leaders. In the Hundred Years War, leaders fought in the ranks, so I based the commanders so they would blend in with the front of the battle line.

I used the excellent Perry Miniatures Personality and Command packs for my command stands. I made sure each base has a major noble, a standard bearer, and two knights who represent his personal retainers. The flags are from Battle Flag, a very affordable source for nice color flags. I stole the flag mounting idea from another blog and mounted them on tubes. This allows me to remove the flags from the standard poles and store them separately.

The Perry Personality packs for Agincourt are the best sculpts I've ever seen. The heraldry is sculpted onto the knights and is a joy to paint (with the assistance of my handy Optivisor).

(ABOVE) Lord Camoys with his retainers. Different angles BELOW.

(BELOW) Edward, Duke of York with his retainers. The highest ranking Englishman to die at Agincourt.

(BELOW) Some in-progress shots of the Count of Eu. Hopefully they show off the great detail on the figure.

And by popular request, here are some extreme close ups (BELOW).
And then with flash (BELOW). Which do you prefer?