Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painted 28mm Perry Henry V Command Stand

This is a Piquet Band of Brothers command stand I painted for Henry V. The figures are 28mm Perry Miniatures and the flag is from Battleflag. The flag is mounted on a hollow tube and is removable. Henry V is a Superior commander in my games. Attaching him to a unit gives it an UP2 in Melee and an UP2 in Morale since his presence includes his personal household. and retainers.

The figure is a very impressive sculpt with great detail for the heraldry.

Sir John Codrington was Henry's standard bearer at Agincourt. I painted his heraldry by hand. Thank God for my optivisor! Unfortunately, even with my enhanced vision, I missed a few tiny strands from my hot glue gun that have tangled on Henry. I guess Henry is fighting through a spider's web.