Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gateway 2011 Antietam Convention Game

I'll be running my Antietam scenario for Piquet: Hallowed Ground on February 19, 2011 (Saturday) at 9:00 a.m. at the Los Angeles Orccon 2011 convention.

If you haven't seen the game in action, feel free to check out the Battle Reports and Scenario tags on the blog.

Feel free to reserve a spot in the game by emailing me or commenting on this article. Even if you'd just like to see Piquet in action or observe the game, stop by and check it out. Minor kibitzing is completely acceptable as long as it doesn't prevent me from giving annoying and unsolicited advice to the poor players.

ALSO: If you want to play the Union, I owe you a drink at the bar, but there can be absolutely no whining or crying about the following topics:
  • McClellan is a bad general.
  • Where is Burnside?
  • The Confederates sure seem to have a lot of good cards in their deck.
  • Seriously...has anybody f%$%king seen Burnside?

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