Monday, April 2, 2012

The Gondorian infantry

I've been painting Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Gondorians to field a Gondorian army for Piquet's Hostile Realms.  I've finally finished most of the basic infantry I needed.  Each unit is 4 stands (bases).  Now I have to move on to the Rohirrim cavalry, Aragorn, and Gandalf.

I had to rush the pictures a bit since the wife was bellowing for me to come to the table and eat dinner, but here they are.  I mixed some of the flags and leaders into the units.  The characters will be individually based and will serve as the heroes and commanders for this army.  The HR "Gonforian" army has decent infantry with strong leadership to bolster them, good magic, strong cavalry, and a good army command structure.  

Based in mass, these average men of Gondor do look like they mean business.  I'm quite pleased.  We'll see how well they fight when they face Undead Jed's unroutable skeleton legions and Greg's armored knights of the Realms.


  1. How did you base the figures on these stands? I have been wanting to base LOTR figures for HoTT, but wasn't sure of the best way to deal with the slotta-base design of the figures.

  2. I trimmed the tabs off the figures with a plastic clipper/trimmer. I then applied two dabs of hot glue from a glue gun and stuck each foot in a dab of glue.

  3. Really? I thought about doing that, and/or using liquid nails or something super-tough to hold the figures in place when basing solely on feet, but I was concerned about whether it would hold up. Do you use additional materials to hold in place? I can imagine using glue gun to put in place and then surrounding the feet with liquid nails or something to belt-and-suspender it.