Friday, November 2, 2012

Pictures of the Middle Kingdom Rex

Jed and I have our first Fantasy Realms campaign battle scheduled tomorrow.  The gentleman pictured below is The Rex, Jean the Good.  He is the titular king of the Middle Kingdoms and when present he "commands" their armies.  

Jean earned his high position through birth and has held his status because he happens to be the best melee combatant in the Middle Kingdoms.  He's no strategic genius, but when battle is joined, Jean knows how to take care of person.  

When the Middle Kingdom matches up against the armies of the Undead tomorrow, Jean will use his special personal challenge ability, land his pegasus between the two armies, and issue a challenge of personal combat to the Evil Necromancer.  Typically, the Evil Necromancer rolls his eyes and writes Jean off as an immature show-off, but the courage Jean's antics show does serve to impress the manly mounted knights of his realm.  Maybe this boost to their morale will prove to be the difference in tomorrow's battle?  Or maybe Jean will get his "mano a mano" battle?

He's still a little glossy from his varnish coat, but I'll have to decide if I want to
dull cote him or not.  The gloss coat works great to hold the decals on.
 (decals from VVV)

The base will also get the tall grass treatment once I know the varnishing is done.

I didn't wash Rex at all.  Just highlighting because frankly, he probably has
plenty of servants polishing his gear before battle.  Jean the Good has to look
good, after all.


  1. Beautiful job, Dave! Where did you find the figure?

    Some of the special features of the Rex were inspired by the character of the Archduke in Dave Sweet's Matinicus DE&D campaign of more than 30 years ago, although I didn't allow the Rex to wield the dreaded "Iron Poker of Viazzo!"

  2. Thanks. He is a Games Workshop Pegasus knight. He cost $17 while the Pegasus lord cost $36 or so. No question which one I bought. Pretty nice plastic kit, but still pricey.

  3. Yep, $17 is pricey, $36 is insane! We'll see how he fares against "Undead Jed" this time out...

  4. The joys of Games Workshop. The wood base is from Litko.

    It's nice to be able to shop with any miniature manufacturer I want to complete my armies. My minotaurs were much cheaper.

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