Saturday, June 19, 2010

Painted French Men-at-arms

I finally finished my first unit of Old Glory 28mm French dismounted men-at-arms. I used the Veni Vidi Vici decals for some of the shield heraldry and I hand-painted the other shields and surcoats. They don't have to be too complex because in the mass of a unit, it looks better to just have a variety of colors within the unit. The decals went on easily and then I dullcoted them to take off the decal sheen. Most of the heraldry is historical. Some I made up. So sue me.

There's a nice variety of poses in the pack. Some are wearing surcoats, some have open helms.

The red stripe across the shield signifies this gent is a bastard. Way to advertise!

The red markings above the heraldry on the top of this shield show that this knight is the heir and first in line of succession.

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