Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hostile Realms Campaign Conversions

Since we've been playing a lot of Hostile Realms lately, I've been thinking about how to use Hostile Realms and Theater of War to run a Hostile Realms campaign.  Theater of War (my review here) allows you to convert Piquet sequence decks into campaign decks that can move your campaign armies and decide the size of the forces in the battle.  The sequence decks in Hostile Realms are similar to Piquet decks, but several Piquet cards aren't present or are represented by rules or other cards in Hostile Realms.

After mulling over the TOW rules and the Hostile realms army lists, here is my conversion from Hostile Realms decks to TOW decks:

  •  Army Morale/Courage: Every army gets a Major Morale card and a Supply card.
  • Brilliant Leader: Wild card
  • Engine of War Reload: Strength card for the first card.  Further cards are Retire cards.
  • Favor of the Gods: Strength card per card.
  • Fliers and Light Cavalry Move: Scout card and Retire card.
  • Heroic Moment: Heroic Effort card per card.
  • Leadership Check: Officer Check card per card.
  • Lull: Staff Inefficiency card per card.
  • Manna Recharge: Attack card each for the first 2 cards.  Further Manna cards are Strength cards.
  • Maneuver: Defend card.
  • Melee: Engage in Battle/Strength card per card.
  • Move:  All armies get 3 Light Terrain, 3 Medium Terrain, and 1 Heavy Terrain move cards.
  • Move 1 Command: Flank Attack card for the first card.  Extra Light Terrain Move card for second card.
  • Missile Reload: Attack card per card.
  • Only the Required Optional cards are placed in the deck:
    • Berzerker:  Wild Attack card per card.
    • Uncontrolled Charge:  Wild Attack per card.
    • Crushing Missilery: Defend card.
    • Superstitions and Omens: Wild card 50%/Command Indecision 50%
The Maneuver conversion makes armies like the Dwarves better able to fight battle on the defensive.

Meanwhile the Undead have more Melee cards, but no Move 1 Command cards, so they have more strength in battles, but aren't able to make flank attacks unless they have a Skilled Commander with a Brilliant Leader card.

Let me know what you think.

Next article...What troops show up for the campaign?


  1. Loks good, Dave. Barry was tralking about a HR campaign...


  2. My next article will be on HR army rosters. Then deployment and terrain placement conversions.